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I purchased this book for a friend's son, but began thumbing through it myself.

I couldn't put the book down! It reminded me of my middle school days. It's

amazing how the author captured those experiences and penned them so

descriptively. The book addressed sex, alcohol/substance issues, bullying,

discrimination, blended families, economic struggles, etc. WOW. This book is

packed full of positive messages without sounding "preachy". I hope to see more of the Never Predictablez.

Amazon Review 

This book provides a realistic view of what it is like to grow up as an adolescent. This book is a helpful resource for children and young adults who are trying to navigate an important time in their lives. This is a must read!     

Amazon Review  

This is a captivating and intriguing book that deals with the daily interactions of young people with their friends at school, at home and at various social events. While having fun , facing conflict, being provoked, being betrayed, and dealing with unwanted changes: these youth learn to survive in an ever-changing, crazy world. Youth will really enjoy this book.                       

Barnes and Noble Review