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Attention: Teachers/Pastors/Counselors

This book addresses pertinent values that you are instilling in young adults:

Note to Parents

I know that sometimes it is difficult to relate to your young adult children. Sometimes we can feel so far removed from their problems in the midst of our stress-filled adult world. Regardless, you have to make your kids feel like you understand them and that you're concerned about their emotions and problems. 

This book is a resource that you can purchase for your children to show them that you still care. It will help them find answers to many of their questions and solve a lot of their problems that you (honestly) no longer know how to fix. Your kids are getting older and most of the time, now,  they are going to rely more on their friends' advice than yours. It's a hard fact to accept, but that's where most of our kids are by the time they reach middle school. So, let's just reassure them that we are still here to offer our ear and that we know they deal with a lot by providing the advice of the Never Predictablez's friends.